OW_Array.hpp File Reference

#include "OW_config.h"
#include "OW_ArrayFwd.hpp"
#include "OW_COWReference.hpp"
#include "OW_Types.hpp"
#include "OW_Exception.hpp"
#include "OW_vector.hpp"
#include "OW_ArrayImpl.hpp"

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namespace  OW_NAMESPACE


class  OW_NAMESPACE::OutOfBoundsException
class  OW_NAMESPACE::Array< T >
 Array<> wraps std::vector<> in COWReference<> adding ref counting and copy on write capability. More...


typedef Array< UInt8OW_NAMESPACE::UInt8Array
typedef Array< Int8OW_NAMESPACE::Int8Array
typedef Array< UInt16OW_NAMESPACE::UInt16Array
typedef Array< Int16OW_NAMESPACE::Int16Array
typedef Array< UInt32OW_NAMESPACE::UInt32Array
typedef Array< Int32OW_NAMESPACE::Int32Array
typedef Array< UInt64OW_NAMESPACE::UInt64Array
typedef Array< Int64OW_NAMESPACE::Int64Array
typedef Array< Real64OW_NAMESPACE::Real64Array
typedef Array< Real32OW_NAMESPACE::Real32Array


template<class T>
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator!= (const Array< T > &x, const Array< T > &y)
template<class T>
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator<= (const Array< T > &x, const Array< T > &y)
template<class T>
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator>= (const Array< T > &x, const Array< T > &y)
template<class T>
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator> (const Array< T > &x, const Array< T > &y)

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