OW_CIMValueCast.cpp File Reference

#include "OW_config.h"
#include "OW_CIMValueCast.hpp"
#include "OW_Format.hpp"
#include "OW_CIMDataType.hpp"
#include "OW_CIMValue.hpp"
#include "OW_CIMException.hpp"
#include "OW_CIMDateTime.hpp"
#include "OW_CIMObjectPath.hpp"
#include "OW_ExceptionIds.hpp"

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namespace  OW_NAMESPACE
namespace  OW_NAMESPACE::CIMValueCast


static bool OW_NAMESPACE::isCompatible (CIMDataType::Type from, CIMDataType::Type to)
static void OW_NAMESPACE::makeValueArray (CIMValue &theValue)
static CIMValue OW_NAMESPACE::convertString (const String &strValue, const CIMDataType &dataType)
static CIMValue OW_NAMESPACE::convertArray (const CIMValue &value, const CIMDataType &dataType)
static StringArray OW_NAMESPACE::convertToStringArray (const CIMValue &value, bool onlyOne)
CIMValue OW_NAMESPACE::CIMValueCast::castValueToDataType (const CIMValue &value, const CIMDataType &dataType)
 Converts a given CIMValue object to an CIMValue object that represents the given CIMDataType.

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