OW_Char16.hpp File Reference

#include "OW_config.h"
#include "OW_ArrayFwd.hpp"
#include "OW_Types.hpp"
#include "OW_Bool.hpp"
#include "OW_CommonFwd.hpp"
#include <iosfwd>

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namespace  OW_NAMESPACE


class  OW_NAMESPACE::Char16
 The Char16 class is an abstraction for a double byte character. More...


bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator== (char c, const Char16 &arg)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator== (const Char16 &arg, int v)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator== (int v, const Char16 &arg)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator!= (const Char16 &arg, int v)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator!= (int v, const Char16 &arg)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator!= (char c, const Char16 &arg)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator< (char c, const Char16 &arg)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator<= (char c, const Char16 &arg)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator> (char c, const Char16 &arg)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::operator>= (char c, const Char16 &arg)
Char16 OW_NAMESPACE::operator+ (const Char16 &arg1, const Char16 &arg2)
Char16 OW_NAMESPACE::operator- (const Char16 &arg1, const Char16 &arg2)
Char16 OW_NAMESPACE::operator * (const Char16 &arg1, const Char16 &arg2)
Char16 OW_NAMESPACE::operator/ (const Char16 &arg1, const Char16 &arg2)
std::ostream & OW_NAMESPACE::operator<< (std::ostream &ostrm, const Char16 &arg)

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