OW_PAMAuthSA.cpp File Reference

#include "OW_config.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

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#define _pam_overwrite(x)


int MY_PAM_conv (int num_msg, const struct pam_message **msgm, struct pam_response **response, void *appdata_ptr)
bool authenticate (const char *userName, const char *password)
int main ()

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#define _pam_overwrite  ) 


do {                             \
   register char *__xx__;       \
   if ((__xx__=(x)))            \
   {                            \
      while (*__xx__)          \
      {                        \
         *__xx__++ = '\0';    \
      }                        \
   }                            \
} while (0)

Definition at line 59 of file OW_PAMAuthSA.cpp.

Function Documentation

bool authenticate const char *  userName,
const char *  password

Definition at line 202 of file OW_PAMAuthSA.cpp.

References MY_PAM_conv().

Referenced by main().

int main  ) 

Definition at line 237 of file OW_PAMAuthSA.cpp.

References authenticate(), and name.

int MY_PAM_conv int  num_msg,
const struct pam_message **  msgm,
struct pam_response **  response,
void *  appdata_ptr

Definition at line 80 of file OW_PAMAuthSA.cpp.

Referenced by authenticate().

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