OW_PlatformSignal.cpp File Reference

#include "OW_Platform.hpp"
#include "OW_PlatformSignal.hpp"
#include "OW_UserUtils.hpp"
#include <ostream>

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namespace  OW_NAMESPACE
namespace  OW_NAMESPACE::Platform
namespace  OW_NAMESPACE::Platform::Signal


void OW_NAMESPACE::Platform::Signal::extractSignalInformation (const siginfo_t &source, SignalInformation &dest)
 Given a siginfo_t structure, complete a SignalInformation structure.
template<class T>
void OW_NAMESPACE::Platform::Signal::flattenToPipe (const T &t, UnnamedPipeRef &destPipe)
template<class T>
bool OW_NAMESPACE::Platform::Signal::unflattenFromPipe (T &dest, UnnamedPipeRef &sourcePipe)
bool OW_NAMESPACE::Platform::Signal::flattenSignalInformation (const SignalInformation &source, UnnamedPipeRef &destPipe)
 These functions serve only to flatten and unflatten information for the same target machine.
bool OW_NAMESPACE::Platform::Signal::unflattenSignalInformation (SignalInformation &dest, UnnamedPipeRef &sourcePipe)
std::ostream & OW_NAMESPACE::Platform::Signal::operator<< (std::ostream &o, const SignalInformation &sig)
 A function to dump a signal to a stream.

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