OW_RemoteProviderUtils.hpp File Reference

#include "OW_config.h"
#include "OW_IntrusiveReference.hpp"
#include "OW_CommonFwd.hpp"
#include "OW_ClientFwd.hpp"
#include "OW_ProviderFwd.hpp"

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namespace  OW_NAMESPACE
namespace  OW_NAMESPACE::RemoteProviderUtils


ClientCIMOMHandleRef OW_NAMESPACE::RemoteProviderUtils::getRemoteClientCIMOMHandle (String &remoteUrl, bool useConnectionCredentials, const ProviderEnvironmentIFCRef &env, const ClientCIMOMHandleConnectionPoolRef &pool, bool alwaysSendCredentials)
 Get a ClientCIMOMHandleRef from pool and configure it according to the given parameters.

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