OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle Class Reference

#include <OW_ClientCIMOMHandle.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void createNameSpace (const String &ns) OW_DEPRECATED
 This method is deprecated.
virtual void deleteNameSpace (const String &ns) OW_DEPRECATED
 This method is deprecated.
virtual void enumNameSpace (const String &ns, StringResultHandlerIFC &result, WBEMFlags::EDeepFlag deep) OW_DEPRECATED
 This method is deprecated.
virtual CIMProtocolIFCRef getWBEMProtocolHandler () const =0
 Get a Reference to the WBEM protocol handler (HTTPClient).
virtual bool setHTTPRequestHeader (const String &hdrName, const String &hdrValue)=0
 Set/Add an HTTP header and its associated value.
virtual bool getHTTPResponseHeader (const String &hdrName, String &valueOut) const =0
 Get the value of an HTTP header that was returned in the CIMOM's response.

Static Public Member Functions

static ClientCIMOMHandleRef createFromURL (const String &url, const ClientAuthCBIFCRef &authCb=ClientAuthCBIFCRef(), const SSLClientCtxRef &sslCtx=SSLClientCtxRef())
 Factory function.

Protected Member Functions

void getHTTPTrailers (const CIMProtocolIStreamIFCRef &istr)

Protected Attributes

Map< String, Stringm_trailers

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file OW_ClientCIMOMHandle.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

ClientCIMOMHandleRef OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle::createFromURL const String url,
const ClientAuthCBIFCRef authCb = ClientAuthCBIFCRef(),
const SSLClientCtxRef sslCtx = SSLClientCtxRef()

Factory function.

Parses url and creates either a CIMXMLCIMOMHandle or a BinaryCIMOMHandle along with a HTTPClient.

url If the url begins with "owbinary" (e.g. owbinary.wbem://test1:pass1:30926/), then the openwbem binary protocol will be used. Otherwise CIM/XML is the default. If the url's port is an integer, TCP will be used. If the url's port is owipc, then a local ipc connection will be attempted to the predefined (OW_DOMAIN_SOCKET_NAME) domain socket. If the port is anything else, it will be used as the identifier for the ipc mechanism. On Unix this is the filename of the domain socket. Note that to represent a filename in the port, the url escape mechanism must be used, since a / (among other chars) isn't allowed in the port.
authCb If authentication is necessary, and authCb != NULL, then authCb->getCredentials() will be called to obtain credentials.
sslCtx A SSLClientCtx can optionally be provided. This is useful in the case where a client SSL certificate is used for client SSL authentication. It is not necessary to provide this parameter to use SSL. If it is not provided, a default SSLClientCtx will be used.
a ClientCIMOMHandleRef suitable for connecting to the given url.
MalformedURLException If the url is bad
SocketException If an SSL connection was requested, but support for SSL is not available.

Definition at line 76 of file OW_ClientCIMOMHandle.cpp.

References OW_NAMESPACE::String::equals(), OW_NAMESPACE::URL::namespaceName, OW_NAMESPACE::URL::OWBINARY, OW_NAMESPACE::URL::scheme, and OW_NAMESPACE::String::startsWith().

Referenced by OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandleConnectionPool::getConnection().

void OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle::createNameSpace const String ns  )  [virtual]

This method is deprecated.

Use CIMNameSpaceUtils::createCIM_Namespace() instead.

Definition at line 54 of file OW_ClientCIMOMHandle.cpp.

References OW_NAMESPACE::CIMNameSpaceUtils::create__Namespace(), and ns.

void OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle::deleteNameSpace const String ns  )  [virtual]

This method is deprecated.

Use CIMNameSpaceUtils::deleteCIM_Namespace() instead.

Definition at line 60 of file OW_ClientCIMOMHandle.cpp.

References OW_NAMESPACE::CIMNameSpaceUtils::delete__Namespace().

void OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle::enumNameSpace const String ns,
StringResultHandlerIFC result,
WBEMFlags::EDeepFlag  deep

This method is deprecated.

Use CIMNameSpaceUtils::createCIM_Namespace() instead.

Definition at line 67 of file OW_ClientCIMOMHandle.cpp.

References OW_NAMESPACE::CIMNameSpaceUtils::enum__Namespace(), and result.

virtual bool OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle::getHTTPResponseHeader const String hdrName,
String valueOut
const [pure virtual]

Get the value of an HTTP header that was returned in the CIMOM's response.

hdrName The of the HTTP Header value to retrieve. (e.g. "Content-Language")
valueOut An output param that will hold the value of the header on return.
true if the header exists. Otherwise false.

Implemented in OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle, and OW_NAMESPACE::CIMXMLCIMOMHandle.

void OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle::getHTTPTrailers const CIMProtocolIStreamIFCRef istr  )  [protected]

Definition at line 97 of file OW_ClientCIMOMHandle.cpp.

References OW_NAMESPACE::IntrusiveReference< T >::cast_to(), OW_NAMESPACE::Map< Key, T, Compare >::clear(), and m_trailers.

Referenced by OW_NAMESPACE::CIMXMLCIMOMHandle::doSendRequest().

virtual CIMProtocolIFCRef OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle::getWBEMProtocolHandler  )  const [pure virtual]

Get a Reference to the WBEM protocol handler (HTTPClient).

Implemented in OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle, and OW_NAMESPACE::CIMXMLCIMOMHandle.

virtual bool OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle::setHTTPRequestHeader const String hdrName,
const String hdrValue
[pure virtual]

Set/Add an HTTP header and its associated value.

This header will be sent to the CIMOM on every request.

hdrName The name of the HTTP Header (e.g. "Accept-Language")
hdrValue The value of the HTTP Header (e.g. "en-US, en")
true if successful. Otherwise false.

Implemented in OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle, and OW_NAMESPACE::CIMXMLCIMOMHandle.

Member Data Documentation

Map<String, String> OW_NAMESPACE::ClientCIMOMHandle::m_trailers [protected]

Definition at line 135 of file OW_ClientCIMOMHandle.hpp.

Referenced by OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::associatorNames(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::associators(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::associatorsClasses(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::createClass(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::createInstance(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::deleteClass(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::deleteInstance(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::deleteQualifierType(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::enumClass(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::enumClassNames(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::enumInstanceNames(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::enumInstances(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::enumQualifierTypes(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::execQuery(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::getClass(), OW_NAMESPACE::CIMXMLCIMOMHandle::getHTTPResponseHeader(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::getHTTPResponseHeader(), getHTTPTrailers(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::getInstance(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::getProperty(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::getQualifierType(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::invokeMethod(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::modifyClass(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::modifyInstance(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::referenceNames(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::references(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::referencesClasses(), OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::setProperty(), and OW_NAMESPACE::BinaryCIMOMHandle::setQualifierType().

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