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Public Member Functions

 HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback (IntrusiveReference< ListenerAuthenticator > authenticator, Bool useHTTPS=false, const LoggerRef &logger=LoggerRef(0))
 ~HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback ()
String registerForIndication (const String &url, const String &ns, const String &filter, const String &querylanguage, const String &sourceNamespace, const CIMListenerCallbackRef &cb, const ClientAuthCBIFCRef &authCb, UInt16 httpPort, UInt16 httpsPort)
 Register for an indication.
void deregisterForIndication (const String &handle)
 De-register for an indication.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void doIndicationOccurred (CIMInstance &ci, const String &listenerPath)
 This gets called when the CIM Listener receives an indication.

Private Types

typedef Map< String, registrationInfocallbackMap_t

Private Member Functions

void deleteRegistrationObjects (const registrationInfo &reg)

Private Attributes

IntrusiveReference< ListenerAuthenticatorm_pLAuthenticator
Bool m_useHTTPS
callbackMap_t m_callbacks
Mutex m_mutex


struct  registrationInfo

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Map< String, registrationInfo > OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::callbackMap_t [private]

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback IntrusiveReference< ListenerAuthenticator authenticator,
Bool  useHTTPS = false,
const LoggerRef logger = LoggerRef(0)

logger If a logger specified then it will receive log messages, otherwise all log messages will be discarded.

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OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::~HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback  )  [inline]

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References i, and m_mutex.

Member Function Documentation

void OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::deleteRegistrationObjects const registrationInfo reg  )  [inline, private]

Definition at line 551 of file OW_HTTPXMLCIMListener.cpp.

References OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::registrationInfo::authCb, OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::registrationInfo::cimomUrl, OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::registrationInfo::filter, OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::registrationInfo::handler, hdl, OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::registrationInfo::ns, OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::registrationInfo::subscription, and OW_NAMESPACE::URL::toString().

void OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::deregisterForIndication const String handle  )  [inline]

De-register for an indication.

handle The string returned from registerForIndication
authCb If authentication is necessary, and authCb != NULL, then authCb->getCredentials() will be called to obtain credentials.

Definition at line 495 of file OW_HTTPXMLCIMListener.cpp.

References i, m_mutex, m_pLAuthenticator, and OW_NAMESPACE::MutexLock::release().

virtual void OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::doIndicationOccurred CIMInstance ci,
const String listenerPath
[inline, protected, virtual]

This gets called when the CIM Listener receives an indication.

ci The CIM Instance representing the indication
listenerPath the path from the http URL, useful for determining what action to take. I.e. you can have several listerners on a single http server. This lets you know which one was triggered.

Implements OW_NAMESPACE::CIMListenerCallback.

Definition at line 510 of file OW_HTTPXMLCIMListener.cpp.

References i, m_mutex, and OW_THROWCIMMSG.

String OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::registerForIndication const String url,
const String ns,
const String filter,
const String querylanguage,
const String sourceNamespace,
const CIMListenerCallbackRef cb,
const ClientAuthCBIFCRef authCb,
UInt16  httpPort,
UInt16  httpsPort

Register for an indication.

The destructor will attempt to deregister any subscriptions which are still outstanding at the time.

url The url identifying the cimom
ns The namespace where the indication subscription and related objects will be created.
filter The filter for the indication subscription
querylanguage The language of the filter (typically wql1)
sourceNamespace The path to a local namespace where the Indications originate. If empty, the namespace of the Filter registration is assumed.
cb An object derived from CIMListenerCallback. When an indication is received, the doIndicationOccured member function will be called
authCb If authentication is necessary, and authCb != NULL, then authCb->getCredentials() will be called to obtain credentials.
A unique handle identifying the indication subscription and callback. Use this handle to de-register the listener.

Definition at line 363 of file OW_HTTPXMLCIMListener.cpp.

References OW_NAMESPACE::CIMNULL, OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::registrationInfo::cimomUrl, OW_NAMESPACE::CIMException::getErrNo(), hdl, and ns.

Member Data Documentation

callbackMap_t OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::m_callbacks [private]

Definition at line 550 of file OW_HTTPXMLCIMListener.cpp.

Mutex OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::m_mutex [private]

Definition at line 558 of file OW_HTTPXMLCIMListener.cpp.

IntrusiveReference<ListenerAuthenticator> OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::m_pLAuthenticator [private]

Definition at line 299 of file OW_HTTPXMLCIMListener.cpp.

Bool OW_NAMESPACE::HTTPXMLCIMListenerCallback::m_useHTTPS [private]

Definition at line 300 of file OW_HTTPXMLCIMListener.cpp.

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