OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler Class Reference

#include <OW_MOFCompiler.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  { E_MAX_INCLUDE_DEPTH = 100 }

Public Member Functions

 Compiler (const CIMOMHandleIFCRef &ch, const Options &opts, const ParserErrorHandlerIFCRef &mpeh)
 ~Compiler ()
long compile (const String &filename)
long compileString (const String &mof)

Static Public Member Functions

static String fixParsedString (const String &s)

Public Attributes

ParserErrorHandlerIFCRef theErrorHandler
AutoPtr< MOFSpecificationmofSpecification
String basepath
LineInfo theLineInfo
include_t include_stack [E_MAX_INCLUDE_DEPTH]
int include_stack_ptr

Private Member Functions

 Compiler (const Compiler &x)
Compileroperator= (const Compiler &x)

Private Attributes

CIMOMHandleIFCRef m_ch
Options m_opts


struct  include_t
struct  Options

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum


Definition at line 130 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::Compiler const CIMOMHandleIFCRef ch,
const Options opts,
const ParserErrorHandlerIFCRef mpeh

Definition at line 74 of file OW_MOFCompiler.cpp.

OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::~Compiler  ) 

Definition at line 81 of file OW_MOFCompiler.cpp.

OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::Compiler const Compiler x  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

long OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::compile const String filename  ) 

Definition at line 84 of file OW_MOFCompiler.cpp.

References basepath, OW_NAMESPACE::String::c_str(), OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::g_guard, i, include_stack_ptr, OW_NAMESPACE::String::lastIndexOf(), m_ch, m_opts, mofSpecification, OW_NAMESPACE::String::npos, OW_FILENAME_SEPARATOR, owmofdebug, owmofin, owmofparse(), OW_NAMESPACE::String::substring(), theErrorHandler, and theLineInfo.

long OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::compileString const String mof  ) 

Definition at line 166 of file OW_MOFCompiler.cpp.

References OW_NAMESPACE::String::c_str(), OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::g_guard, include_stack_ptr, OW_NAMESPACE::String::length(), m_ch, m_opts, mofSpecification, owmof_scan_bytes(), owmofdebug, owmofparse(), OW_NAMESPACE::NonRecursiveMutexLock::release(), theErrorHandler, and theLineInfo.

Referenced by OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::compileInstancesFromMOF(), and OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::compileMOF().

String OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::fixParsedString const String s  )  [static]

Definition at line 226 of file OW_MOFCompiler.cpp.

References i, OW_NAMESPACE::String::length(), OW_ASSERT, OW_THROW, and s.

Referenced by OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::CIMOMVisitor::VisitCompilerDirective(), and OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::CIMOMVisitor::VisitConstantValueStringValue().

Compiler& OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::operator= const Compiler x  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

String OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::basepath

Definition at line 122 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

Referenced by compile().

include_t OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::include_stack[E_MAX_INCLUDE_DEPTH]

Definition at line 141 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

int OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::include_stack_ptr

Definition at line 142 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

Referenced by compile(), and compileString().

CIMOMHandleIFCRef OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::m_ch [private]

Definition at line 145 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

Referenced by compile(), and compileString().

Options OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::m_opts [private]

Definition at line 146 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

Referenced by compile(), and compileString().

AutoPtr<MOFSpecification> OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::mofSpecification

Definition at line 121 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

Referenced by compile(), and compileString().

ParserErrorHandlerIFCRef OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::theErrorHandler

Definition at line 120 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

Referenced by compile(), and compileString().

LineInfo OW_NAMESPACE::MOF::Compiler::theLineInfo

Definition at line 127 of file OW_MOFCompiler.hpp.

Referenced by compile(), and compileString().

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