NPIHandle Struct Reference

#include <npi.h>

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Public Attributes

void * jniEnv
int errorOccurred
const char * providerError
void * thisObject
void * context

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file npi.h.

Member Data Documentation

void* NPIHandle::context

Definition at line 47 of file npi.h.

Referenced by OW_NAMESPACE::_NPIGarbageCan(), OW_NAMESPACE::_NPIGarbageRetrieve(), and CIMOMPrepareAttach().

int NPIHandle::errorOccurred

Definition at line 44 of file npi.h.

Referenced by CIMOMAttachThread(), CIMOMDeliverInstanceEvent(), CIMOMDeliverProcessEvent(), CIMOMDetachThread(), errorCheck(), errorReset(), OW_NAMESPACE::NPI_enumeratemyInstanceNames(), and raiseError().

void* NPIHandle::jniEnv

Definition at line 43 of file npi.h.

const char* NPIHandle::providerError

Definition at line 45 of file npi.h.

Referenced by CIMOMCancelAttach(), and raiseError().

void* NPIHandle::thisObject

Definition at line 46 of file npi.h.

Referenced by CIMOMCancelAttach(), CIMOMDeliverInstanceEvent(), CIMOMDeliverProcessEvent(), CIMOMPrepareAttach(), OW_NAMESPACE::NPI_enumeratemyInstanceNames(), OW_NAMESPACE::NPI_enumeratemyInstances(), OW_NAMESPACE::NPI_getmyClass(), and OW_NAMESPACE::NPI_getmyInstance().

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